Colour palette RAL

32 years of experience.

Our offer includes elements of street furniture, which due to their construction are divided into those made in stainless steel and those in carbon steel.

Carbon steel, galvanized and then painted in the indicated RAL colour. Below you will find the most popular RAL colours.

However, any colour specified by the customer is available. Each RAL colour has its own four-digit number.

Important: The colour samples are for reference only. There are differences in the display of samples depending on the monitor.

A range of the most popular colours:

9005 - black

Carbon steel colour 9011 RAL

9011 - graphite black

colour paint RAL 7016

7016 - dark graphite

9007 - dark steel

9010 - white

Any RAL colour is available on request.

Examples of using colour 9011 RAL

RAL 9011 Graphite Black

Below are photos of furniture painted in 9011 RAL colour. The benches have exotic Iroko wood - oiled, while the baskets are finished with wood-like HPL.

Examples of using colour 7016 RAL

RAL 7016

Below are pictures of Origami benches and Pavo litter bins, painted in 7016 RAL. The wood contained in the products is spruce, varnished wood.

Examples of using colour 9007 RAL

RAL 9007

Duo loungers, Penrose benches and Agawa planters painted in 9007 RAL. The wood used in this furniture is coniferous wood of Polish origin painted in the colour of Cypress.

Examples of using colour 1003 RAL

RAL 1003 yellow

The Simple bench without backrest. Construction is made of carbon steel galvanised and powder-coated 1003 RAL colour and softwood painted grey.

Custom paint TIGER Drylac® 68/60115

Carbon steel painted TIGER Drylac® Rusty Iron

Universe solar station and Tubus litter bin made of carbon steel coated with matte paint imitating rusty iron. The wood used in the solar station is Iroko exotic wood protected with "Larch" oil.

Any RAL colour is available on request.