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Wood paint colours Exotic wood

Colour palette shows a colour range available for spruce wood. Non-palette colours are available through a special order.

  • Transparent paint brings out the natural beauty of wood, a material desired for its unique aesthetic value (texture, unique arrangement of rings, etc.) and its other characteristics.
  • Due to the paint transparency the final colour is a blend of natural wood colour and paint colour. Individual wooden elements (for all types of wood) always differ from each other in their colour.


  • The manufacturer does not guarantee that all wooden elements in delivered product will be identical (such effect would be impossible to achieve).
  • The final colour of wooden elements may slightly differ from the colour on a sample.

Natural, unpainted spruce wood:


Basic wood colours:


Other colours are available through a special order.

Exotic wood is available through a special order (at an additional charge). We offer:

Sapele - Afican mahogany, exotic wood from Africa. Colour: golden reddish brown.


Iroko - African teak, exotic wood from Africa. Colour: varies from yellowish-brown to dark brown.


Exotic wood is preserved with clear lacquer or oil.