ZANO Smart City

What is ZANO Smart City?

ZANO Smart City is the response to the needs of changing world. We create street furniture that will enable you for example to: wireless phone charging, access to high speed Internet access and lighting after dark. The power source of this furniture is pure energy obtained from photovoltaic panels, which makes our solar furniture fully autonomous.

Street Furniture Smart City

At ZANO we rely on solutions powered by solar energy, because we know very well how important for us and our environment is clean air.

In the design process we focus on appearance, durability and functionality. Our street furniture is made of stainless steel, carbon steel, native wood (pine, spruce, fir), exotic wood (sapeli, iroko, meranti, tauari), High Pressure Laminates and tempered glass.

Our Smart City products

Our offer currently includes: Photon line solar benches, Flash line solar benches and Sunflower and Universe solar stations.

Implementation of the Photon Bench

Below we introduce a Photon solar bench made of stainless steel and iroko exotic wood which is protected with teak coloured oil. The bench's energy source is photovoltaic panels protected by a sheet of tempered glass - glass serves as a seat also. This bench is equipped with a Wi-Fi Hotspot, an induction charger, a panel with three USB (Quick Charge standard) for charging mobile devices and LED lighting, activated after dark and located underneath the bench.

Implementation of the Flash Bench

Flash bench with photovoltaic panel mounted on the backrest. This piece of furniture is made of carbon steel - galvanized and powder-coated in RAL 7004 colour. The wood used is domestic spruce painted in oak colour. The bench is equipped with an induction charger, a panel with three USB ports (Quick Charge standard), Wi-Fi Hotspot and 230V AC socket.

Implementation of the Universe station

The Universe solar station is made of stainless steel and teak colored iroko wood. The photovoltaic panel consists of two transparent tempered glass tiles and monocrystalline cells. A module equipped with 6 USB ports as well as a display of a battery status are placed at the eye level. There are 2 induction chargers located on top of the seat. Additionally, Universe solar station offers a Wi-Fi hotspot with a fast internet connection.

Realisation of the Sunflower station

The Sunflower solar station is made of carbon steel galvanized and powder coated in RAL 7024. The photovoltaic panels are mounted on top of the station, as well as a led bar that switches on autonomously at nightfall. The station is equipped with a vandal-proof table made of a high pressure laminate (HPL). The station offers an induction charger and a panel with 2 USB Quick Charge ports. A stainless steel leg support is placed on the ground level.

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ZANO is not only intelligent solar furniture but also a whole range of street furniture, such as litter bins, recycling bins, city chairs, city benches, loungers, pots, tables, bicycle racks, bollards, bike repair stations and much more.

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