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Street furniture with style.

Street furniture benches

We create our products with passion. Zano offers highest quality of manufacturing based on many years of experience and care of details.

We guarantee a full equipment for city areas, our products are created with passion.

benches litter bins bollards bicycle racks notice board fences planters tree guards street lamps


We offer benches mades of metal: steel and cast iron. Our benches are designed for city streets, parks, but also for the interiors of buildings.

What kind of benches are you interested in?

modern benches
retro benches
stainless steel benches
black steel benches

Catalogue of street furniture products

Street Furniture is main branch of our business. We have been designed it for many years, and in our offer you can find everything what you need to develop city areas. We are trying to refine our products, and broaden our offer. We divided our offer for you in two different lines retro and modern.