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recycling bin made of carbon steel- practical model Stainless steel recycling bin- durable project
Recycling bins- modern and functional
technical drawing of the recycling bin
Altus recycling bin- simple in use
technical drawing- recycling bin

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numer katalogowy: 15.052.SC.DE.BM

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Description of the model

Recycling bins should be absolutely essential pieces of street furniture in all of today’s landscapes. Recycling is one of the most rapidly and successfully evolving procedures of environmental conservation. That is the reason why ZANO company designed functional and aesthetic recycling bin- Altus. Presented model is an uniquely styled recycling bin which can be combined with other ZANO Street Furniture to create a contemporary aesthetic within every landscape. Altus is manufactured from high quality wood which is set around stainless steel frame. It has a special colourful communication, which facilitate uncomplicated recycling. Altus litter bin is perfect for busy, modern locations like town centres and new developments.

Litter bins Altus

Altus city litter bins are a universal solution for any space. The line includes waste bins for general waste, litter bins with ashtrays and recycling bins. The construction of the baskets is made of stainless steel or optionally of carbon steel painted with RAL paint. The finish is made of spruce wood, exotic wood or hpl laminate board and architecture concrete. Becouse of the materials used, we can place an inscription, name or pattern on the litter bin. In wooden elements we put inscriptions suggesting what waste the trash can is intended for. The same applies to hpl laminate. When choosing the hpl we can afford a unique pattern, choice of colour of the material, placing the company name, logo, sign, coat of arms of the city, school. The litter bin can also contain infographics.

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Altus litter bins

Altus is a line of street furniture modern waste bins. It contains single litter bins, litter bins with ashtray as well as bins for segregated waste, also with ashtrays.

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