Solar Charging Station Sunflower 19.001

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Photovoltaic powered charging station

Photovoltaic powered charging station
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Charging station self-powered by photovoltaic panels
Three usb ports quick charge | Solar station Giraffe
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  • height: 249 cm
  • height of the table: 115 cm
  • width/depth: 55 cm
  • max width: 76,5 cm


  • steel: carbon or stainless
  • HPL (High Pressure Laminate)

technical specification:

  • photovoltaic panels output power (STC): 40W
  • battery capacity: 18 Ah
  • operating temerature range: -20°C - 60°C


  • three USB charging ports with quick charge
  • one wireless charger
  • ambient light
  • additional options
  • Wi-Fi hotspot


numer katalogowy: 19.001.SC

Enquire about this product: +48 12 200 20 53


Description of the model

The solar charging station is a modern street furniture, which is an independent source of electricity. It provides green energy from photovoltaic panels placed above the heads of passers-by.

Station is designed for quick charging of mobile devices. As a standard It has three USB quick charge ports, wireless charger and ambient light illumination. Optionally, it is possible to equip the device with a Wi-Fi module providing fast, wireless internet connection.

The construction is made of steel: carbon or stainless. Carbon steel is painted in the selected RAL colour. The top of the station table is made of HPL (High Pressure Laminate). The materials used make the whole structure very durable and resistant to external conditions.

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